Friday, June 19, 2009

Women's Perfume and Your Fragrance Choice

Statistics show that 9 out of 10 women wear the fragrance every day. Anywhere you go, you're a woman and opportunities, he is wearing a fragrance. Unfortunately, not all women in the street smells good. Not the smell, it has a body, but perhaps it is fair to bring odor. So how does a woman to know that these clothes? Today, most women become desultory about the brand to buy, simply because many women of perfume sold in our shopping centers now.

Before you start to lose time trying to decide which one to buy, there are some things you should know about you first. Every woman should know that a particular type of scent fit for him - which may increase self-confidence, which may enhance its sensuality, or that can catch and hold his people. How it make a difference?

There are general types of perfumes: Floral, Fougere, woody, fresh and Oriental. A woman who Loves the smell of flowers to select women with floral perfume scent. The most common types of these available on the market are extracts of rose, jasmine or lily. If you are the type who Loves citrus, women with a fresh fragrance is for you, which are examples of melon or raspberries. For active women, there is the type of wood fragrance for women, or those obtained from various tree barks and oils.

If you know you and are sure of what you want, surely not miss the kind of women perfume worthy of your unique personality. You may want to be true, even perfume, which is really very nice. They, especially the score, is very expensive and are too small bottles. If the price does not bother you, then the latter is grateful to you for acquisition.

In general, women should not despair though, with Cologne types available. They are less concentrated, less expensive and usually cost large bottles. Unlike the real women of perfume used mainly for special occasions, the mists of Cologne and the body is used more often, or as an everyday clothes. Women should not have trouble finding these types because they are almost everywhere, in all shapes and sizes, beautifully colored and line the shelves of department stores, grocery stores and drugstores.

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