Sunday, June 14, 2009

Discover Your Signature Perfume

Each woman must have her personal fragrance wardrobe .. To adjust their moods. With so much harmony in the nuances of his personality.

Preparation of some romantic?

You can do one or a intoxicating perfume, women, on the base increased.
In addition, pink and
Jasmin is the classic romantic floral fragrance.

In a casual atmosphere?

Will you something fresh. Citrusy.
A fruity fragrance is, above all with notes of grapefruit and orange, or
Neroli is wonderful for optimism for the future.

Perfume, on your tastes. My cousin loves patchouli, but
Odor, that I want to discard.

The tour is that we simply love the smell of other major
Man. The easiest way is to buy a brand
Name of the perfume of its rays. But this would mean that someone else
Probably the same fragrances that you?

If it is your desire, you will not worry too much. The same scent
different scents to different people as the day continues. Perfume Mix
in oils of the skin and produce the result is something subtly,
clearly at home.

If you want to mix your own perfume, go ahead.

When I'm in my youth, my pals to mix their own fragrance by mixing 2 or
more of their favorite perfumes. This could be a tube, or in total
Waste from the aroma, where the result stinks.

The other way is to mix your own scent of essential oils. Everyone
essential oil has a note in the entire fragrance.

A beautiful fragrance is composed of at least 3. Top A-Note, an average of notes
and a knowledge base.

Top Note-to evaporate quickly. In other words, your first breath of
Perfume, noted above. Currencies and Citrus and grapefruit scent
Lemons are best marks. It is also the first note of disappearing, as the day
progresses, the Top-Note would evaporate, which perfume
develop, as evidenced by the other notes.

The note from the heart of the creation of perfume. This means that for most
Day is the fact that the dominant smell. Lavender, tea tree, Geranium
and Muscat are some examples of the environment.

The base note, most durable parts of parfum. Long after the
Perfume is weakened, the comments remain. This would be the Woody and
Musky perfumes like musk, sandalwood and vetiver.

Some perfumes are completely on their own fragrances. Rose, for example, is
Hundreds of components. It can be used as the reference above, the body and also the basis
Note: In a perfume. I used for a small bottle of essence of Rose. Very expensive
Things, but one drop is a long way. 1 drop in 5 ml of jojoba oil
took me for a very long period as a perfume, the same treatment.
It was also one of her own perfume.

Experiment with different flavors, dilute in a massage oil to create
Your Perfume

First, you can use 1 cc of sweet almond oil or a vehicle oil
in a small bottle, add 1 drop of essential oil for the High-Note 1 drop of
Note the center and 1 drop of the knowledge base and see how it goes.


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