Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bijan Perfume Reviews

Bijan is a fragrance house, which continues to provide high quality fragrances that leave a woman feeling sexy and dynamic life. Bijan perfume is a copy of the sophistication, consistency and efficiency, and is very attractive and intoxicating.

One of the most popular fragrances fragrance is created by Bijan sinner. This is a new fragrance, has made its debut in 2005. The taste, the concoction of a new fragrance is different, which is done through the design of the past. Odor is categorized as a floral Chypre, and it is very feminine in nature. Is the red delicious, juicy mandarin, jasmine unforgettable, rich and sweet orange, bergamot and patchouli. Course, which comes from delicious concoction is intoxicating and full of dignity and an attractive, unique sex appeal. Is the name of its fragrance and a bad sense of their disobedience. Bijan wicked ad a strong odor of a strong woman, who assured themselves and the world. The flavor is rich, dark and attractive. It is full of mystery and intrigue and leaves you with the charm and appeal Aura. It is a house of experts and attractive fragrance is a masterpiece in itself. Bijan fragrances wicked is an option, it is different and interesting and certainly turns heads.

The second part is the concept of odor Bijan designer perfume. Bijan was created in 1987 sexy and sophisticated fragrance that is worn at night sexy evening. Taste the intoxicating fragrance and flavor. Its purpose is to make a woman feel like the most attractive women, and sexies room. It contains a mixture of sandalwood, oakmoss, and orange, juicy and delicious flowers. The delicious fragrance is an interesting and attractive. This is a very feminine and subtle spicy flavor and orange Oriental Flair. The creaminess and the taste is lusciousness looks through all the aspects. It should also be the center of the bottle with the amazing and complex web of disagreement. He hopes and expects his very vanity.

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