Sunday, June 28, 2009

Avon Bottles - The Must Have Collectible Perfume Bottles

Collection of glass bottles can be found today in all sizes, designs and styles from different eras, and if you are a collector and want to build a collection of bottles and unique style, you should little research online, focusing particularly on manufacturers and time periods. Whether it's perfume bottles or bottles each carnival each has its own history. One of the best known companies whose bottles are recovered is significantly Avon, Avon bottles are a must-have for any serious collector today.

Avon is a cosmetics giant, which began as a manufacturer of perfumes and producer. Avon bottles are known not only because of the extraordinary quality of the fragrance contains, but because of the wide variety of sizes and shapes. Some bottles have come in the form of vehicles and automobiles, other animals and people everyday. These include vintage bottles that are considered unique and rare, most of them belong to the incredible range of California Perfume Company, which was launched in 1929 and has been on the market only for ten years. As expected, the vintage bottles that hit the market before the Second World War are among the most valuable and costly too.

Avon bottles are not empty boxes or can be purchased for only a few dollars per piece, but initially with authentic box costs about thirty to forty dollars each. They are also great fun, because the original boxes Avon also feature several designs.

Bottles of milk by Warren Glass Works are also regarded as very expensive and unique, they exist since 1875, but the biggest tool of production between 1920 and 1945, since the type of glass bottles of milk a square rose arrow to give up their bottles and paper later.

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  1. Nice post, finding a good perfume is not a difficult job, but finding a perfume in antique bottle is quite difficult.