Saturday, July 11, 2009

All About Parfumerie Versace Muller

This is an extraordinary women's perfume, Versace perfume Versace jiahni by the tears of women created in 2001. Frangipani Flower and the eglantine, jasmine, as well as the combination of scent and leaves, is Bergamot. Raspberry and plum fruit can also use the tone of the other does not smell.

How to get it

If you are interested to find a perfume line, you can actually check a few of the discount you want, is the online store. However, it is worth to you this very unique product that you want from an online store for perfume should be careful not to have to make time. To verify the reliability of online stores that you endorse these products, forged or fake, does not sell retail to declare.


The fragrance is part of the line is not actually that different spices. The time they calm down, Baby Rose Jeans, time, energy, the crystal for Noah, and Versace are signed.


Versace perfume for every woman, as well as in the open in the evenings, you can wear a special case.

Versace signature, and Crystal, Noah

That a woman's perfume, Versace signature Versace Eau de Parfum. The azaleas and jasmine flowers and the beautiful harmony of the scent of this perfume is vibrant. Also, Morocco's cedar trees and Kashmir veil of musk mixed with the scent of wood are softness of silk.

The scent of gardenia and amber crystals that the combination of Noah, the Versace woman is a fragrance. The fragrance provides a modern touch, provides the ultimate contrast to the classic. Typically about Versace women's perfume the scent of their products. The women's perfume, Versace, Versace highlights a charming and sensual touch.

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