Monday, August 9, 2010

Along the Time - DKNY Perfumes

For the first time in 1992, DKNY perfume, has had the luxury goods business by storm. Since then he has been one of the most respected names in haute couture and perfume with the renowned perfumers around the world. The names of the stature of Gillotin Olivier, Pierre Negrin, Rodrigo Florex-Roux, Jean-Marc Chaillo, IFF, and others who have worked for perfumes Spirit are below the belt by DKNY. Donna Karan has demonstrated his knowledge and experience to meet women as the most luxurious, but the uncompromising comfort. Since the debut of Donna Karan in the appearance of his own line of LVMH in 2001, she has managed to maintain the quality that your house is known for.

Donna Karan has continued his legacy in the DKNY fragrance sensual. After the first perfume by Donna Karan was launched in 1992, the smells the most interesting to follow. The first is the wonderful smell Be designed as a tribute to the Big Apple, so that the apple-shaped bottle released in 2004. Apple also for its basic characteristics and works well for men and women committed to fairness towards DKNY fragrances.

Three of the latest perfume launch of the DKNY 2010 is Delicious by DKNY. It is certainly a feast for the senses like sweet candy fun, juicy currant, ripe raspberries Act as noted in the main. For a limited time, Delicious by DKNY 50ml EDP Candy coming each and is available in red, green or violet jars.

It is caramel apples Berry juicy fresh blackcurrant, blackberry, juicy pear and top. In his heart pink and apple blossom and dried in a creamy sandalwood and light wood. This variant comes in a purple bottle and is a feast for the eyes too.

The one that comes in red ripe raspberry fragrance that opens with raspberry and juicy lemon and apple. Peony and magnolias that takes the heart and ends with Coca-Cola as a basis.

Entering the green packet is caramel. Tasty and sweet as it is already open to the apple, pear and marshmallow to go back to childhood. Delivered heart of jasmine, violets and lilies with fresh green notes. Upgrading is creamy caramel, smooth and creamy vanilla that is sure to tickle your nose and mouth. Get the collection of apple caramel is sure to add a touch of sweetness and youth DKNY perfume to your collection.

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